Snoopy’s Story

Hello, my name is Snoopy which was given to me and voted on by all the facebook followers. I guess because I looked like a beagle when I was a little puppy. You may not know me but I’m sure you know my mum Bella who gave birth to me and other siblings on 8 Aug 2012 at the Dog Protection Society. When I was ready for adoption back in October, the helpers took my photo and put my description on TradeMe with the caption of “Sensational Snoopy”. My human mum was captured by the caption as she loves Peanuts’ character – Snoopy [they were trying to look for a beagle originally]. They came to visit me and it was love at first sight. I was so excited to meet my new family members as well. I remember mum wore her snoopy tee when she visited me.

On a misty morning after Labour weekend, Dianne took me to my new home and I was a bit scared and shaking. I walked inside slowly looking around my new home and all my worries were gone. I saw my new bed, toys, food bowl and a fenced backyard for me to run around. Dianne was happy for me that I found my new home as well. I quickly became a puppy model as mum took lots of photos of me and sent them to dad who was still at work, also uploading them to Facebook to share our happiness. Later that week I met all the family members and my best doggie friend Max who is grandma’s 6yrs old jack russell.

Dad took me for my first family outing on my 2nd day and my adventures started. Both dad and my human brother are kart racers so I became the team member and attended kart meetings at least once a month. I love speed and being a great supporter as well. Since I’m so cute and gentle, very soon I became the most popular dog at the kart club, all kids came by our pit to pat me while I was relaxing on my own team chair.

Apart from karting, they took me fishing on their boat.’s a big challenge for little puppy as I can be “stuck” on the boat for a few hours. My main duty on the boat is to lick the bait for good luck fishing and I kissed goodbye to all the fish before they go in the ice box. I was always trying my best to hold my personal needs except back in January we were fishing at Matarangi and I really couldn’t hold on anymore and I didn’t want to pee on the boat so they drove the boat to a nearby bay and we all swam to the beach, it was so good to relieve the built up pressure. By now, you may know I can swim and my mentor was by another dog at my favorite dog park – Meola Park, he motivated me to swim and chase him in the water and now I’m a okay swimmer, I go biscuiting with my brother and sister during Xmas holidays too.

They take me everywhere and anywhere that a dog can go. I’ve been to Devonport, Mt. Victoria, Mt. Eden, One Tree Hill, Huia areas, Coromandel, Matarangi and Bethells Beach [I have even done the 100m black sand run.. Ouch that Black sand is hot].

Mostly I’m a wonderful puppy, except I bite and broke mum’s  glasses, camera memory card, phone sim card, brother’s play station joy stick, Maths test paper…etc. They should blame that they misplaced their stuff but I know how to use my nose to open the sliding door of the TV cabinet too.

A month ago I jumped over the 1 meter high fence in the back yard so I could muck around at the neighbors,  mum was panicking to find me, so now they have built a new fence 1.5 meters high to keep me safe.

My ambition…Is I would like to be a Star Dog!!

I have to thank the Dog Protection Society for rescuing my mum Bella and raising us from puppy’s until we found our forever home.

Snoopy dps jazz's brother