Peggy’s Story

Hi my name is BELLA but you will probably remember me as PEGGY – preggy Peggy as the Pound people named me!! Yes I was found wandering on the side of the northern motorway near Silverdale and I was about to have puppies. The Pound took me in and then I moved on to stay with you in care until I had my litter of 8 ,all of them with their own characteristics – bless their souls!!. After I had my puppies and was looking after them some humans came to see me and the brood and they seemed O.K. so when they sat down on the sofa [which I nearly destroyed when I was bored one day] I mosied over to them and put my head on their knees and turned my eyes up to them and that seemed to do the trick! From then on they kept coming to see me each week until the brood were weaned off and I could start to get my figure back again. After various trips to the Vet I was declared ready to leave my Haven here at the Dog Protection Society so my humans were summoned to attend for a final “vetting” but different to what I had go through. Next thing I know I was whisked away by Diane to what was to become my new home on the Shore. A quick look around quickly established that they were trainable to my expectations so I agreed to stay.

Since then I have experienced a lot of new adventures – a six week training programme , become a Collecting Dog for the S.P.C.A. , had a great Xmas with the family ,been away in a Motorhome , established which is my chair and best of all had a car bought for me! A long story that last one but the MG sports car they had just didnt have enough room in it for my Mum so they had to buy a second one so that she could come on outings with my Dad and me.

I think they are working out quite well considering every thing and I will probably stay on.

I have attached some photos of some of my experiences!!!

Preggy Peggy