Jess’s Story

About 11 years ago my mother adopted a dog from you. I think she may have had a different name originally, but with your agreement Mum named her Jess, she was a black Labrador/possibly greyhound/something else girl, about 2 years old, and the gentlest, loveliest dog you could ever meet.

Mum sadly passed away from liver cancer (secondary from melanoma) on September 10 2012. My Dad, who loved Jessie dearly, moved into a retirement village a few months ago. As a result, Jessie came to live with me and my family. I had thought that I should contact you to let you know, give that we have not forgotten our original contract with you regarding Mum’s adoption of Jess. I was sure you would not object as Jess had been a regular visitor to our home, (one street over from Mum and Dad!) my husband and I have three primary school aged children and an elderly mini schnauzer, all of whom Jess knew well and was very comfortable with.

I promised Mum before she died that Jess would always have a home with our family. By the way…we have full garden, fully fenced family home so she came to a good place! She was getting old, deaf and a bit arthritic, but in the last several weeks she had been happier than for many months prior since Mum’s death, my 10 yr old daughter had Jess sleeping in her room, and Jess became so lively again living with my old dog (they adored each other, and this morning he growled and snapped at me for the first time ever, as I picked Jess up in a towel sling – leave her alone, I think he was saying!) and my children, especially Ariel, who she followed everywhere.

Anyway, sadly, this morning Jess had to be euthanised. She had liver cancer (weird co-incidence, and she loved Mum with all her big dog heart.) Collapsed this morning, I carried her to car, Dad was with me thank goodness but devastated. Since the move, she has still been Dad’s (and Mum’s) dog and he has been over twice a day, every day, walking her. Vet said time is here (we had done all sorts of tests and ultrasound scans, treatments etc in last few months.)

So, she had a lovely, lovely life with our family. She had a good end, the kind that pets deserve and should always have.

She will leave a huge hole in our lives. She is being cremated, and we will scatter her ashes in a beautiful spot where Mum’s ashes were scattered.

Thank you, Dog Protection Society, for allowing us to share so many lovely and rewarding years with Jess. Bless you for bringing her into our lives. Mum loved her, we all loved her. She was a brilliant dog and will always be remembered by our family. We will miss her Very Much. Rest in Peace, Jess.