Bonnie’s Story


I saw Bonnie on trademe a long time ago. I wanted to take her on as a buddy for my dog Baxter and a few days later found out I was pregnant so knew it wasn’t the right time. I checked trademe and she was soon gone and I thought she had gone to her forever home. Bubs is 8 months now so I started browsing for another dog to join the family. And there she was! I didn’t even bother looking at any more. After reading she had a home and her owner passed away and she came back I knew it was fate. We visited bonnie on Saturday afternoon and she was very shy and scared. We decided to bring her home for the night so see how her and our dog Baxter got on, as well as how she would be with our kids. Well I am happy to say that she has completed this family unit. She loves the kids. Loves Baxter even more. Has come out of her shell into a happy playful and most of all sweet little lady. She loves the beach. Loves the car. Follows me everywhere. She has a forever home here after a rough start in life. We love her to pieces.


Bonnie's new homebonnie's new home 8