Dog Protection Society

We welcome new members, donations and bequests – each of which helps to ensure the future of this humane work. The society obtains some of the funds it needs from Membership and from the boarding kennels, but is still totally dependent on donations from caring people who support the work of the Society. Donations are Tax deductible.

The Society has two forms of membership

  • Supporting Members who give a contribution of $30 monthly
  • Associate Members who contribute $30 annually.

Membership can be individual or family. (of 6 months standing or longer)

The Society accepts a dog in the event of an owner’s death. A happy life at the headquarters is given to your loved pet if an ideal new home cannot be found.

We also give free care for an unlimited time if a Supporting Member is ill, or in any other circumstances of personal or family crisis.

To receive an enrolment form, please contact us.