The work we do is funded by our boarding work and also of the generosity of our donors.

If you love dogs, and would like to contribute financially to the work that we do.

Our bank account details is 03 – 0123 – 0031050 – 00

Please also email us at, with the amount donated and a way we can contact you for receipt purposes.


If you don’t have the time, but still want to contribute we always have people donating items.

We frequently get asked what we would need or would like for our dogs.

To make your life easier and simpler, below is a ranked list of our most used items.

I’ll try to keep this list as up to date as I can. 🙂

  • Duvet covers and inners.
  • Blankets and sheets.
  • Leads – thick ones are best                                                        (most used)
  • Orange Kongs
  • Paper Towels
  • Rope toys. I usually find the LookSharp store, next to Warehouse Albany has got a good selection.
  • Red Kongs
  • Dental Bones
  • Frisbees                                                                                                                           (least used)

Any and all food treats are welcome and always appreciated by our resident dogs.

From us and all the dogs here, thank you for your contribution.