Dog Protection Society

The Dog Protection Society Inc. Registered charity number 222218

The Society was founded in May 1973 by Graham and write my essay for me Theresa Elizabeth Fitzpatrick. Theresa passed away in 1984 and in her memory, the name of our dog-care complex was changed from St. Francis Dog Sanctuary to Theresa Elizabeth Holiday Home for Dogs.

When it was started, Graham and Theresa had been active in rescuing and re-homing dogs for many years. They were determined that Auckland should have at least one place of refuge for homeless dogs where dogs were not being kept on a time deadline basis. Experience had shown that finding the right new home could take weeks or months.

In 1978 an ideal kennel location was found, affordable papers situated on 6 acres, among beautiful native trees, in the hills above the township of Albany. It now exists as a place where a dog is truly safe. No dog comes here to be killed.

This is the head-quarters of the Dog Protection Society and its development is an on-going project. Today we have some first-class facilities for our dogs. Comfortable indoor quarters with large areas for outdoor exercise and play.

Choosing New Homes

This work is only worthwhile if the outcome is nothing less than finding a home where the dog will have a good quality of life and be safe for its remaining years of its 12 to 14 years lifespan.

A signed agreement is made with each new owner. Adequate fencing and reasonable daytime company is sought. A dog must not be sold or given away to another person. If the approved owner cannot keep it, it must be returned to us. All dogs are vet checked, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before going out to their new homes

On 6th of December 2009, Graham Fitzpatrick sadly passed away and since then his wonderful dream of a sanctuary for dogs is being carried on by the members of the Dog Protection Society and a team of dedicated staff and volunteers at Dog Protection Society headquarters.

It has been said that much can be accomplished from a dream, but the Dog Protection Society was created from a nightmare – unwanted dogs standing forlornly in stray dog pounds awaiting their turn for death.


It was these dogs, in May 1973, which inspired the founding of our society. To prevent this fate for others is the continuing objective for us. Over the past 42 years, we have dealt with hundreds of dogs who were cared for and placed in new homes. And we’ve grown from strength to strength ever since. This humane work continues.

Much effort is taken in choosing new homes for these dogs. A signed agreement is made with each new owner. Adequate fencing is required. The property is inspected before approval. A dog must be not sold or given away to another person. If the approved owner cannot keep it, it must be returned to us, where we will look for another home for it.


Who we are

The Dog Protection Society was founded in May 1973 by Graham and Theresa Fitzpatrick, who have both since passed away. But their work continues with a dedicated team, an army of volunteers and supporters of the society passionate to their vision, who ensure their vision lives on.


What we do

The founders created this place with the vision that every dog should be given the best possible chance to be rehomed without being limited by an arbitrary deadline. While we are selective with dogs we accept, we have successfully rehomed every single dog even if it has taken years to find the right owner for them.

We take in abandoned dogs and we provide them with temporary housing until we are able to match them with loving new owners with a home for them. Most of whom, would otherwise end up in the city pounds and most assuredly would find their life extinguished prematurely due to city pounds not having the time or resources to spend to settle the dog back into society.

All of our dogs are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and registered before being made available for adoption. All we ask in exchange is a small donation of $150.00


Theresa Elizabeth Holiday Home for Dogs

This is our society’s headquarters and its main project. It is situated on six acres of land, among beautiful native trees, in the hills above the township of Albany.

The site was acquired in 1978 by means of donations from over 300 supporters of the society. It now exists in perpetuity as a haven for homeless dogs. This is one place where a dog is truly safe and isn’t scheduled to be killed.

Originally called the St Francis Animal Sanctuary, the name was changed to honour the memory of its founder, Theresa Elizabeth Fitzpatrick.

Much remains to be done and finance is needed for improvements and expansion. Dogs are boarded to help provide funds to meet operational expenses to help their brethren in less fortunate circumstances. We always have someone on site who looks after your pet at all hours, providing them with the same environment they would at home.

Visitors are welcome, by appoitment. We run to a schedule, so we can spend as much time with the dogs as possible.

Where we are

We are located at 81 Coatesville Riverhead Highway, just on the hill about 5 kilometres past Albany Village.